After countless training certifications and continuing education courses, I noticed fellow instructors were still confused on how to properly train or conduct a class. Years would go by and these certifications never improved and I spent hours helping instructors feel ready and comfortable to teach.

I felt lost and overwhelmed after getting my fitness certification and looked to fill in the knowledge gaps

I get to support instructors and help them become more knowledgeable in their modality AND feel confident without wasting time or money on other meaningless courses so they can become KICK ASS TRAINERS.

I'm Sam– and i help new fitness instructors become confident in themselves and their knowledge base

I can’t believe I help new fitness instructors!

(LOL I sound like a Pokemon Trainer 😜)

 I love motivating people and watching them evolve!

“After my certification course, I was given one class formula: core, legs, core, obliques, arms, core. I thought it was the only way to run a “proper” class. After Samantha’s course, I went from programming a predictable and, quite frankly, boring class to ones that are engaging, challenging, and significantly superior in every way!”

From Martial Arts as a child to Kinesiology in college, I have been in fitness my entire life


My journey as a fitness instructor

May 2009


Mar 2017

Feb 2012

Oct 2020

jan 2021

Received my Black Belt

Became a certified personal trainer and started my own personal training business

Became the owner of The Micro Squad with 4 fellow Lagree instructors to teach exclusively online

Studied Kinesiology: Athletic Training at Ohlone Community College

Got married!

Became a Lagree Fitness Instructor

May 2013

Received my 200 hour Yoga Instructor Certificate

A proud member of House Gryffindor and married to a Slytherin

Will happily binge watch TV to unwind

Spooky Season is the best season 🎃

Fun facts about samantha